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  In the context of the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons 2023 celebrated on July 30, the Office of the DPP in collaboration with IOM hosted an awareness raising session on 

  Victims of Trafficking with the participation ​of DIS- MOI and Chrysalide also this morning in the Office.​


Mr Rashid Ahmine, Director of Public Prosecutions (left) and his Excellency Ambassador, Mr Henry Jardine (Right)

The DPP was delighted to welcome his Excellency, US Ambassador Henry Jardine at the Garden Tower this Wednesday 07 June 2023.​
Upholding the rule of law, human rights and combatting transnational crime within​ the region were some of the topics discussed during the said meeting.
Both the DPP and the Ambassador look forward to promote cooperation and further strengthen the relationships between the respective offices.

I had a meeting with the Commissioner of Police this morning at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, Garden Tower. This was long overdue since my appointment as DPP last December. I raised and discussed important matters relating to the criminal justice system in the country which require urgent attention including delays in police investigations, arrest of suspects and detention, prohibition orders against suspects and provisional charges including the Police and Criminal Evidence Bill.

I very much look forward to a close and fruitful collaboration between our organisations with a view to improve many aspects of our criminal justice system which require urgent reforms.


Mr. Rashid Ahmine​


12 May 2023


The Animal Welfare Act ​​