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Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

Certificate of Character

Certificate Of Character
People living in Mauritius who wish to apply for a Certificate of Character shall do so at any one of the respective District Head quarters of the Police :-
(a) Piton
(b) Abercombie
(c) Line Barracks
(d) Rose Hill
(e) Curepipe
(f) Rose Belle
(g) Flacq and
(h) Rodrigues

People living abroad who wish to apply for a Certificate of Character should do so through anyone of our Embassies, Missions, Consulates etc abroad. This will speed the process, especially when original copies of documents cannot accompany the application. Our Missions/Consulates/Embassies can certify the true copies of the original documents.
Alternatively, an applicant can also delegate any one of his relatives in Mauritius to make the application on his behalf (by a simple letter of authorization, addressed to the Commissioner of Police). In the 2nd case, the application should be made at the respective district Headquarters of the Police as stated above.


Certificate of Character form