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Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

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Mission Statement


The ODPP is an independent office which is served by a team of dedicated, professional and   hardworking staff. Its main aim is to bring offenders to justice and to ensure that their rights  are safeguarded.


February 07, 2013

Caring for our children

The time has come for a nationwide campaign to protect our children from being exposed to an onslaught of freely available stream of pornography from the internet. Explicit and often degrading sexual content are easily obtainable at the touch of the button on a Smartphone or a laptop. There is evidence that demonstrates that many children become addicted to these sites. Our children need to be shielded before it is too late. Cases of sexual abuse that land on my desk involving children are rife with examples of the child being exposed to hardcore pornography downloaded from the net.   I am not aware whether there are statistics available of how often those websites are sought by Mauritians. I am not aware whether we as a nation, we are ...

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