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Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

Asset Recovery

The Office of the DPP is proposing to have the Asset Recovery Bill proclaimed by the end of this month. In that context, a series of meeting is taking place with stakeholders. Last Tuesday, a meeting was held with the Divisional Commanders of the Police Force. They were introduced to the Asset Recovery Bill and briefed as to their duties that are expected from them once that the Act is proclaimed. Under the Asset Recovery Act, there is a shift from action in personam to action in rem and in both conviction-based and non-conviction based cases. Rashid Ahmine, Senior Assistant DPP, presented a flowchart describing the various stages which have to be complied with before an application for a restraint or confiscation order is made before the Court.
The next meeting will be held with the FIU, ICAC, Registrar General and the FSC, amongst others.